16 maj, 2017

About us


It started with music

Muzicadelic Entertainment is a non-profit organization that since 2007 works through culture to facilitate integration, promote community building and to combat discrimination and extremism. We started in a more humble fashion as a cultural organization promoting hip-hop culture from the north of Sweden – with the band Khumalo.

And later became a platform for human rights

We use participation in culture as a tool to highlight diverse stories and narratives and stimulate people to become global citizens who fight against racism and hate crime, as well as defend human rights. Our work strives to highlight that art can be used to create a better world. So far, we have caught the world’s attention.

We Are Like Oranges, SF, Umeå

Our film We are like oranges became the first film about hate crime against Afro –Swedes which also depicted that Sweden, too, was involved in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. The film also dealt with the topic of the motives for some young men to end up in right-wing extremism. It won the Best Foreign Film Award at the La Femme International Film Festival in 2014, Hollywood, California, the United States of America, and the Best Practice Against Extremism Award in the visual media sector by the European Union, 2016. One score for the film music won a Global Music Award, in La Jolla, California, United states of America. The film music was written by Cecilia Gärding and Mike Haines. The film is now a part of the Oscar’s Film Archives.

At the premiere for We are like oranges, 2012, at SF, Umeå.
Muzicadelic Entertainment is also involved in human rights projects. During 2016-2017, we wrote the first report on the living conditions for the African Diaspora Community in Umeå. We have also built schools in South Africa, such as The Margaret Haines and Ulf Gärding School, for underprivileged youth.

Oscars Library

Cecilia Gärding also wrote a award-nominated book ”Diversity in the Swedish Filmheritage 1890-1950” that was accepted to the Oscars Library. The book entails how ethnic minorities have been subjected to stereotypes and the consequences this had. She attended three Student Academy Awards 2017-2018 and was also a requested lecturer about the book at the Museum of Tolerance.

Cecilia Gärding

African Diaspora Youth Network in Europe

We have also worked with partners who are members of ADYNE (African Diaspora Youth Network in Europe) with youth projects for Afro-Swedish youth in Sweden and in Portugal. The aim has been to contribute to better living conditions and workers rights for the African Diaspora.

Today the missions grows

Today we run the Eurotopia project with the aim of creating 21 short films against extremism in Sweden, Belgium and Italy. We are a socially aware cultural production organization that realizes that being a part of the dialogue changes the narrative. We also offer EU-consultancy for organisations and companies that are interested in doing EU projects when referring to for instance how to combat Climate Change, Social exclusion, Child Poverty and Extremism. This is just the start. Join us in making the world a better place!

This is just the start, join us in making the world a better place!