16 maj, 2017

About us

This project, Disarm with Art, is founded by our chairman Cecilia Gärding. The project is supported by the board and by different people working against extremism globally.

Muzicadelic Entertainment is a non-profit organization since 2007,  that works through culture to facilitate integration, promote community building and to combat discrimination and extremism. Our specific area of expertise is that we use participation in culture as a tool to highlight diverse stories and narratives and stimulate  people to become global citizens that fight against racism, hate crime and defend human rights. Our work wants to highlight that art can be used to create a better world. We also want to promote capacity building, competence development for underprivileged youth. We are also involved in human right projects where we are now focusing on writing the first report on the living conditions in Umeå for the african diaspora community.

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