16 maj, 2017


The radicalisation of youth in Europe towards neonazism and islamic fundamentalism is a real threat to our democracies. These brutal organisations have similiar ways of recruiting and they both provide simplistic answers to complex questions. The attacks against cities around the world, during 2015-2017, by Islamic fundamentalists have escalated and in april 2017 four people lost their lives in a terrorist attack in Stockholm.

Youth that are considering if they should join these kind of organisations or not, are facing propaganda from extremist organisations that is inventive, intense and creative. Both sides on the spectrum appeal to the quest of identity, the view of an utopian world and ensure a groupidentity among youth that have a problem seeing themselves as part of democratic societies.












On the opposite side are those who work against all forms of extremism through different ways. One group that plays a pivotal role are we who work with art as our method. We face similar problems and challenges but we dont know of each other and therefore are not organised. We dont know what kind of material is out there that could inspire and create mutual projects because we currently dont work together.