16 maj, 2017

EU consultancy

Want to be a part of changing the world to a better place? You have an idea on how and need investment for it? Muzicadelic Entertainment is now offering EU consultancy for individuals, organizations and companies that work in a wide range of sectors and industries. We personally have extensive experience of project development after doing projects in Sweden for over 10 years and abroad the past 3 years. The past two years we have done EU consultancy for environmental tech companies and have therefore also started to work with business development to help companies adjust to the European strategies for sustainable living.

We are currently funded by the CSEP programme, Internal Security Fund: Police Action Grant by European Commission for the Eurotopia project. The aim is to hinder further radicalization of European youth into Right Wing Exremism and Islamic Fundamentalism by portraying different voices impacted by extremism such as former extremists, victims of terroristattacks and hatecrime, the heros working daily against extremism and young teenagers. For further information visit our website www.eurotopia-project.com

This project has got us in-depth experiences of the registration and application process and the general management procedures including expertise in EU-law, the Grant Agreement and write up of Consortium Agreements. We offer:

  1. Introduction courses on how to register your organization and use the participant portal, how to write up applications and find the right grant.
  2. Consultancies in business development that in details boils down to explaining how to write specific applications that adhere to the needs and visions of different policy strategies in different sectors presented by the European Commission.
  3. Consultancies in how to practically run a project from a Coordinator perspective beforehand or in real time.
  4. Consultancies in how to prepare and create constructive collaborations.
  5. Legal advice in how to write letters of intent before the start of the project and the division of immaterial rights and copyrights with project partners.
  6. Legal and financial advice in administrative and financial issues, specifically catered for the Swedish market as a non-Euro country.
  7. Legal and administrative advice concerning teamwork, sexual harassment, mobbing and conflict management.
  8. Legal advice concerning the understanding of the Grant Agreement- that needs to be signed and completed to be eligible to aquire funds from the EU.
  9. Legal advice concerning the creation of the Consortium Agreement which is the bilateral agreement for the project partners.
  10. Legal and Administrative advice in how to deal with the amendment process due to the exit of one partner in bilateral agreements.  

For more information you can contact Cecilia Gärding:  cecilia_garding@yahoo.se