18 maj, 2017

Past Projects (2009-2011)

Our organisation created one of the first Afro-swedish youth initiatives that used culture to impact positively on society. This was named the Eleza project (2009-2012) which was funded by the Heritage Fund in Sweden (Allmänna Arvsfonden) that resulted in:


The first book about the shared history between Africa and Europe and personal stories of the participants depicting the life and challenges facing Afro-Swedish youth in Sweden. The book is called: Afrosvensk i det nya Sverige (”Afro Swedish in the new Sweden”) – 2009.



The first hip hop Opera in Sweden Folkoperan Remixed (2010) in collaboration with the Royal College of Music in Sweden and Folkoperan. This Opera was later developed into the feature film ”We are like Oranges” where both ethnic Swedes and Afro-Swedes participated – both youth and adults.