16 maj, 2017


Eurotopia (2018-2020)

This project aims to produce 21 short films to capture how different people are affected by the rise of right-wing extremism and Islamic fundamentalism in Europe.

The purpose is to create further understanding on how we can counteract recruitment, humanize victims and children, and also emphasize the important work that role models against extremism are doing daily.

We will also create a call-to-action campaign to engage youth in describing how we can live in a safer and better Europe for all. Eurotopia is funded by the Civil Society Empowerment (CSEP) Programme, Internal Security Fund: Police Action Grant.

The initiator of the project was by Cecilia Gärding. She realized that we who are already involved against extremism, have a role to play to learn from each other, teach inexperienced artists who want to get involved and use short-films to highlight the individual stories.

We are also creating a social media campaign with the purpose of engaging youth in the dialogue. We are currently not tapping into the great potential which lies hidden in youth that are on one side bombarded with extremist propaganda and on the other side, lack platforms to express themselves when it comes to how they can deal with extremist propaganda. It is time to act now to stop further recruitment of youth into extremist organizations.  We are not the whole answer but we do play a part. As role models in the cultural field, young people look at what we do, say and stand for. Let us lead the way!

Check our website www.eurotopia-project.com