18 maj, 2017

Why we are involved

Growing up in a small rural town where many of our classmates became neo-nazis, we ie Cecilia Gärding and Mike Haines, decided early on to use our creative talents and  become anti-racists activists. By starting a hiphop band we used our voices to debate the issues of the world from our perspective which channeled frustrations of racism in the society into a creative process and success. Later on in life we had the chance to make peace with the classmates that became neonazis and that taught us that there are no winners.

This runaway train of damage that extremist ideologies have on members of these groups and their victims, needs to be stopped before more lives are being tarnished. By forming Muzicadelic Entertainment we found a channel to do our part together with others and invested our time in creating cultural projects that engaged with our local community and former neo-nazis. We created award winning books, operas and movies in the name of anti-racism and it taught us that our method is not only timely but also unique. Now we wish to share our method and competence with the world.