18 maj, 2017

Why we need Disarm with Art

We who are the initiators of this campaign have done numerous award-winning cultural material against racism and extremism. When we won the “Best Practice Award” in the media sector against extremism, by PIPE (promoting inclusion and preventing extremism), supported by the mayor of London and the Slovakian Presidency of the EU, 2016, we realized the urgent need to create a movement for us that work with these issues.


We who are already involved have a role to play to learn from eachother, teach inexperienced artists who want to get involved and engage with active cultural projects against extremism with youth. In this way we can also launch even better projects in the future so we can act more effectively.


We offer competence development as to why youth are radicalised and how we can hinder this development by using culture.  Right now we are not tapping into the great potential that lies hidden in youth that are on one side bombarded with extremist propaganda and on the other side, lack platforms to express themselves using art when it comes to how they can deal with extremist propaganda. It is time to act now to stop further recruitment of youth into extremist organizations.  We are not the whole answer but we do play a part. As rolemodels in the cultural field, young people look at what we do, say and stand for. Lets lead the way.